Create an Interactive Storyboard App Today.
Rich- Social and interactive features
Efficient- Saves time and cost
Easy- No programming required
What is StoryBrick
StoryBrick is an iPad based interactive storyboard solution. Using StoryBrick, you can quickly create a storyboard app, which your users can use to create stories and share those with their friends and families.
How it works
A short and simple story always stays in mind. So do StoryBrick. You sign up for the StoryBrick service and create your app using the app creater. nce you create your app, you can upload and manage the content using the dashboard. After the final review, StoryBrick publishes the app and sends you the notification.
Why StoryBrick
Technology is good only when it is faster and better. Use StoryBrick to create simple, ready to use, and no programming solution to create apps faster and better.