Our Other Solutions
ArtBrick is an iPad based visualization solution that allows you to create an iPad app with a catalogue of your artworks. Now your users can use the iPad app to visualize the artwork that best suit their environment.
VideoBrick is a video interview/survey solution, which is integrated into your website by our web widget. VideoBrick enables your users to send and receive the video interview/survey questions right from your website. Your users can respond to the questions using both webcam and mobile phone.
CatalogBrick is an iPhone/iPad based product catalog solution. Using CatalogBrick, you can quickly create an awesome product catalog app, which your sales force/ users can use to get upto date product info anytime, anywhere.
TourBrick is a location-based travel solution that allows you to create an interactive tour app. The app engages the users with its audio and visual content and allows them to share their content with others.
StoryBrick is an iPad based interactive storyboard solution. Using StoryBrick, you can quickly create a storyboard app, which your users can use to create stories and share those with their friends and families.